About Dr Melanie Marx

Melanie completed a B.Sc. Human Life Sciences with Psychology degree in 2009, completing a B.Sc. Honours (Psychology) in 2010, M.Sc. (Psychology) in 2013 and a PhD in Psychiatry (2020) at Stellenbosch University. In 2011 she completed a B.Psych degree at Midrand Graduate Institute and completed her counselling internship. After registration as a counsellor in 2012, she pursued a career in research at Stellenbosch University’s Psychiatry department and completed her M.Sc. degree during this time. Melanie has published articles in several accredited journals in trauma and resilience as a researcher. 

She was born in Paarl and moved to Windhoek in 2015, where she practised as a psychological counsellor in private practice. During this time, she also worked on her PhD in Psychiatry through Stellenbosch University. Her PhD focused on “Hormones in hair as possible predictive biomarkers of posttraumatic stress symptoms in women who have been raped”.

She has attended additional training in, for example, career guidance, couples counselling, and trauma counselling, and continues to attend training courses with regards to counselling, assessment, and parent guidance.

In 2020, she moved back to Paarl and currently practices in central Paarl, Hoog-en-Droog area. She offers individual counselling to adults and adolescents, including, but not limited to, trauma counselling, bereavement, personal development, self-esteem, resilience, and stress management. Melanie also works with children through play and offers parent guidance.

Services also include assessments, such as aptitude assessment for children, adolescents/teenagers, and adults; school readiness; and career and study guidance (for adolescents and adults) (online career assessments also available).

Qualifications and
Professional Registration

PhD Psychiatry (Stellenbosch University)

MSc Psychology (Stellenbosch University)

B. Psych (MGI)

BSc Hons (Stellenbosch University)

BSc Human Life Sciences with Psychology (Stellenbosch University)

HPCSA – PRC 0017051

BHF – 0840122